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Monday, December 06, 2010
11:08 pm

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Monday, October 25, 2010
12:32 pm


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Thursday, August 05, 2010
12:35 am

Hi, world!

I decided to blog today... and I haven't blogged in such a long time. Perhaps I've lost any reader friends I've ever had for not keeping this updated... HAHA! But so many things have been happening, I haven't allocated time for the expression of random thoughts, as I usually do ever so... randomly.

Current/ Recent hypes!
- Class 3 Licence
- Internship at ZoMedia - more like MADE in Singapore... for a very messed up DNS
- Watching the NDP Preview at THE PADANG!

I know, my career has been slow at taking off, and it seems like I have been dilly-dallying, and spending so much time heading in all the wrong directions.

Time to rethink my strategy and work out something good after this internship!

Maybe I'll blog again when I feel happy.

Plus I should really work out soon. I'm piling on fats from the insatiable weekends, and dastardly impulsive lunch choices. No munching on dinner and only Milo for breakfast!


OH SHit.

Now that the world has evolved around micro blogging and social networking... do I blog or do I micro-blog?

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Friday, June 04, 2010
2:05 am

OMG how restricting can social media get? They say there aren't boundaries with what you can do with it, like real!!!

Twitter and Facebook are the such funny stuff.


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Sunday, May 30, 2010
11:19 pm

Well well well, as some of you might know, I've recently came back from a trip to my ancestral hometown, Shantou! I've been there many times, but the last time was in 1997, and some places gave me the feeling of deja vu, like a lost, forgotten memory that I haven't reached to in the recesses of my mind for a long, long time.

DAY 1 - 12th May 2010, Wednesday - Swatow

We flew off on the 12th of May, on Wednesday. It was a particularly good day, amidst the many other rainy days we've had the past few weeks. There was no sign of a storm, no rain in sight, only the rays of sunlight softly caressing our skins...

It was my first time taking a budget airplane. Jetstar Asia had a promotion and we snapped it up quickly, getting a return fare of S$360+! That, I would mention, is a pretty awesome deal. Apart from the annoying little delay issue - our flight was delayed for maybe half an hour? - almost everything else was smooth sailing. We had a great captain on board, and he explained to us the reason for the slight delay, and was super friendly over the speakers.

However, one very irritating thing about our flight that day was the meal! Yes, you all should know by now. It costs $10 for a lousy meal on board, and guess what. We waited approx an HOUR for them to serve us! I don't know what's wrong with them, it seems that only OUR row had that problem. Everyone else were already done with their food long ago and were already about to take a nap... it only came about 15 mins after we pestered the stewardess for the third time. Seriously, what's wrong with them?

Anyway, upon reaching the airport, we realised that everyone there speaks TEOCHEW! What an interesting sight! Haha, I was wearing my fedora hat, and one of the customs officers came over and asked me to take it off, in Teochew! I didn't understand what he said, so I just assumed he wasn't talking to me until after he repeated for the third time, that my uncle told me that he was actually referring to me. Hahah! How embarrassing. "Teng bo kio chu lai" or something...

1) Mom with the Jetstar plane we took!

We came out, and Uncle Zhao with his tour guide guy, Xiao Ma, were expecting us!

2) Waiting for our friends who were still collecting their baggage.

3) Mom and I posing outside the airport/ at the carpark!

They spoke to us along the way to our hotel, and made a short introduction, etc...
So we headed to the Longhu Shantou Hotel, checked in, and went straight to the restaurant at around 6.30pm~ or so...

1) My Mom might or might not kill me for this. Wahahhahaha!

2) (Clockwise from bottom left)
9-holed-Abalone, Fresh prawns, Sweet potato and Yam desert, Pumpkin paste soup
hahaha...! Can't resist photoshopping my mom with the food!

After dinner, we took a stroll down one of the shopping arcades/ streets in the area.

Guess what this is! Dunhill? Danhuoli? Hehs!

What about a cuppa sugarcane juice from the roadside store? Pure, natural, sweetness.
Really. It is SUPER sweet.

DAY 2 - 13th May 2010, Thursday - Swatow/ Nan Ao

I'll try my best to post this part soon!

We went to 南澳

It is a pretty beautiful place... well it would have been much more beautiful for me if I had ample time to absorb the surroundings. Boo to the lousy tour guide we had for rushing us all the time, like a madwoman, shouting into her annoying little portable mike, like she was rushing the goats along the hills... yeah we know you wanna "eat snake", but you don't have to make it look so obvious, the way you impatiently blabber the information out in incomprehensible Mandarin, I thought the only one who could understand what you spoke is yourself. No wonder when you posted some questions to us we didn't even bother answering them 'cos it didn't make any sense at all, since you haven't done your job properly in explaining in detail what each pretty, rich, historical spot meant in it's full glory or intensity... the way it deserves to have it's history spelt out in great propensity.

Anyway, as it is an island, we had to catch a ferry at 9am to get to Nan Ao.

While we were waiting for the ferry to arrive, we encountered a little dear pooch which was violently wagging her tail, non-stop! What a cutie! The ears were moving up and down, she was rolling over, following us, attracting a whole load of attention! At first we thought she wanted to be fed, as you know, dogs and food... But we did found out, after throwing some pipa on the floor, (she totally ignored it), she probably craved attention, warmth and affection.

Dogs are, as you know, pack animals. However, she seriously looked like she hadn't bathed in a long, long while. Her fur was patchy, and looked real disgusting. Other than that, what a cutie! If her fur weren't that disgusting, I would love to give her a pat down! She deserves the attention for being so hyper! Hahaha.

After maybe 10mins, a hoard of tourists came from another bus, and the little dog took off towards their direction. Seeing that our source of entertainment has abandoned us, we took out our snappers, and started doing the silliest things we can afford to in the ensuing 15 minutes or so of waiting under the blazing, hot sun... well, not as blazing as Singapore, but still, it was pretty sunny. And very hot, I must say.

(to be continued! It's 3am in the morning and I have to sleep!)

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
2:32 am


These two forty-odd man are looking SO fresh. I love their shows. Sorry, but I'm really falling in love... Why why?!

And facial hair, if groomed properly, or in some sort of style, can look soooo good. Gruffy. I mean, I could totally paste a few examples here. I need to do a google search. :D

Random ones:

^ Lookin' younger here ^

^ maybe minus the long dreadful hair? ^

^Staring intensely into the camera with a playful smirk. Wow. Some of the tricks of charisma.^

Oh, not to mention Junichi Okada...

Johnny Depp, Donnie Yen (just realised he actually doesn't really keep facial hair), Robert Downey Jr (you gotta' looove the first picture).
Bunch of forty-somethings, married with children and lookin' so awesome. :P

Such a random rave here!
Ok, it's close to 3am and I'm entitled to get "hua chi" on random gruffy actors okay!

I'm currently watching Sherlock Holmes on my computer, on and off. But I don't think I can finish it by tonight. It's already 2.36am! And I have a 12pm flight to catch tomorrow.

Going to Shantou, Guangdong!
Yes, the food will be snapped and posted here when I get back on the 18th!

Meanwhile, my driving test will be on the 22nd of May and I AM SO PSYCHED and NERVOUS! Really want to pass it and get my licence quick. It's been a year!

I posted my bedroom on ourbedrooms:
YEAY accepted by the mods!

On to the wacky world - the pictures here!


somehow Donnie, being 2 years older, still looks so much more awesome compared to Downey... time to work out, Bob! Hahahaha.

HEY I'M SURE GALS CAN OGLE AT GUYS AS WELL AS GUYS CAN OGLE AT GALS ALRIGHT?! hehs. I've just totally objectified our dream "40-something yr old men".

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Saturday, April 24, 2010
5:08 pm

Hey guess what!?

I just watched three films with Mark Ruffalo in it, without even knowing beforehand that he was gonna be in them!

1) Date Night - I read that he was in it, and it showed on IMDB credits. But honestly, I didn't even notice him inside the film! By the way, this show wouldn't work with anybody else apart from Tina Fey x Steve Carrell. Really? That's his name?

2) Shutter Island - obviously, because he's Leonardo's character's partner. And yeah, not like he was on any poster or anything... and I don't remember the trailer. I just went in to watch the show and it's frigging intriguing, if I might add.

I was so captivated... hated the creepy music (you'd know it if you'd watched it), but it's all part of the package to draw you into the psychotic-ness of the whole film. Fabsome. Martin Scorcese + Leonardo Dicaprio's mix of pure genius?

3) I was bored at home so I watched The Brothers Bloom. Just came back in the morning from my driving lesson, ate some cereal and sat down to watch it halfway... took a nap, had lunch, and finished watching the film. Such beautiful costumes and colours. And yes, it had Mark Ruffalo in it too. One of the brothers. And The Brothers Bloom was so random 'cos the lead's Adrien Brody and I happened to spot it in the DVD collection, popping it into the player, and realizing oh! I'm watching one of the "Mark Ruffalo's in it" show again this week.

"The Perfect Con-Group" for me. ;)
(source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844286/mediaindex)

I think the first one was "13 going on 30", I thought what a weird actor to be in a chick flick but yeah, it was alright. Haha.

AND Rachel Weisz is so funny! I know she's been in those serious films like Agora, but seeing her as an awkward, unsociable creature opening up in one of the brothers' cons - a little anecdote Stephen spinned spun up - she was so entertaining.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010
1:49 am

**edit: added more pictures below~ 24th April

I decided on watching a movie today, and I did dragged my mother to one.

The movies I wanna watch are:
1) Iron Man 2
2) Shutter Island
3) Kick ass
4) Date Night

I'm not going to account for the order because I think they're not arranged in any way. So, I was at Marina Square's McDonalds at 6.40pm today, trying to get something to eat, and Mom decided she wanted a McNuggets meal!


So GV's staff were exceptionally...

no, I'm not going to say good. In fact, they are pretty much shitass lousy with their service. You know, we had some doubts. We tried to clarify the doubts with you, and I saw you roll your bloody eyes when my Mom looked away. You were lucky I wasn't in a mood to kill. Otherwise I'd kill your ego right in front of that 50 or so people in the queue.

Date Night, though was pretty fun. I figured I'd take a lot of practice and brush up my vocabulary before I can ever write like this fella here on insing:
(check out his credentials! I have none, by the way.)

Sometimes, a movie comes along that you get to laugh (crazy) at in the theatre when you're all aimless and coming from a bored routine that you see this reflection of ordinary people getting thrown into a pool of dastardly mess for a case of mistaken identity.

That's what Date Night is.

What's there not to like about Steve Carrell? Poker Face, same expressions, quirky voice, and a nasal one at that. But this guy cracks me up like heck when he does all the awkward things thrown into his characters.

*spoiler one-liners?*
(AWWWWW he's holding it sideways it's a killshot!)
At a lowlife crook: "F you!" - he literally said "F" as in the alphabet "F", not the vulgarity... Hahaha! That cracked me up... And the other guy said, "F You" back and I thought, what?! He really is a straight up nice-ish, ordinary guy with a crazy date night.

And the stuff going on in NYC, awww I have to watch movies with NYC in them again, and it makes me reminiscence... but it doesn't matter. Ha!

Plus, gals, go watch movies after 5pm on Wednesdays at Marina Square, because we all get a goodie bag each.. a big one at that... for FREE! Thanks to Cozycot.
**edit - 28th April, NEXT WEDNESDAY is the LAST day!

Sidelining, I've won the contest for Youth.sg's tote bag design! I made something really really simple and unsophisticated with a totally straightforward concept, hoping people will embrace it, and they did! Thanks to all those who voted my design, I love you guys! :) Haha.

(source: youth.sg)
Placed first through online voting competition after 3 finalists were selected!

Seize the power of marketing and promotion! I wonder if those 2 contestants marketed their design as much as I did. :P My votes topped at over 40 whilst the runner up came in with 21 and the 2nd runner up, 13? If I'd remember right. Heh.

Won myself quite some stuff that I think I'll collect this Friday. Yup Friday shall be the day I shall collect my loot. :) Make my way to Thomson Road... which is really far away.. Or maybe I'll do it tomorrow... Or maybe next Monday. We'll see. I don't drive a car and nobody's gonna fetch me there except maybe a train or bus driver. Will probably take over an hour to reach there just to collect the prize and back, another hour. I guess it'd be better, cos there're quite a lot of stuff and if they mail it to me it's gonna be how much? Not like they'll ever do it anyways. We'll see... I'm just rambling on.

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